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Thread: A particular mod in rfactor stops working suddenly for no apparent reason?

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    The error appeared with another mod too?

    Then i just can suggest to make a complete fresh install (you can keep the existing one) of rF1, install your mod only and see if that works.

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    I already tried that, so did my mate, and no difference

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    When i see your other threads, where you describe your problems with your wheel and rf2 Modmanager, for me it seems as if there is a basically problem with your OS.
    I don't know what it could be, because i don't use/like W8.

    But what i would suggest to everybody who sets up a new Windows OS is, to set the UAC to the lowest level as first step. That prevents from many trouble.

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    Mod Mode worked in the previous build and I checked my wheel on my laptop and it doesnt work there

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    Quote Originally Posted by hamiltonfan2205 View Post
    Mod Mode worked in the previous build......
    Now i have to ask: What does "Mod Mode" mean, do you have the problem with the Modmanager or with the Dev-mode?

    Because in the other thread you've said it was the Modmanager.

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    OK, then back to this problem....

    I fear the only possibility (for me) to try to sort this out, is when i would have the mod here.

    But because only use windows 7, i just could test it with that OS!

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    I don't have the issue with my laptop but as ive said many times it was working perfectly fine before

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    Then i just can say again that there must have been changed something.

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    Well when the mod stopped working in rFactor, I actually changed nothing, I'd run practice earlier, and all was fine, and just 2 hours later, I'd not touched rfactor and it wasnt working

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