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Thread: A particular mod in rfactor stops working suddenly for no apparent reason?

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    The problem is, that you told us that some people have the problem and some do not.
    So it can happen that it runs here on my machine without any trouble.

    But if you want, send me the link too and i will give it a try.

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    Tested and runs well.
    One thing that can be doing that "crash" is the TVSTyle plugin.
    Try deleting from Plugins folder the:
    - TvStyleV3.dll
    - TVSTYLE folder

    Also remove the d3d9.dll from rfactor root folder.

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    Problem solved! What I did was I copied everything in but UIData and modified the rFm so it loads the default AI and all's fine, showing it's a UIData related issue If the problem comes again though, i will let everyone know here

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