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Thread: Pit spot waypoints aren't created.

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    Pit spot waypoints aren't created.

    I'm trying to modify the AI on Monaco, but there are no waypoints where the pitboxes and I have no idea how to create them. As a result, in the pitboxes at the end of the pitlane, cars steer into the garage. Does anyone know a fix to this problem? I've updated the corridors and everything but still no difference. This is Monaco GP4 by Frank Alexandre by the way.

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    ??? how did you "updated the corridors and everything..."?

    The only senseful way in my opinion is, to use the ISI-AI-Editor.
    And when you used it for the editing of the AIW-file, you can easily create a pit-path with it.

    But i'm sure the track has a pit-path or is it a mess with the AI's behaviour on the original track?

    If you didn't use it yet, get the AIW-Editor from ISI here: DOWNLOAD

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