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Thread: A particular track is heavy on FPS

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    A particular track is heavy on FPS

    One of the tracks I'd like to use is very heavy on FPS. Does anyone know a way I can make it so it isn't as heavy on FPS?

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    Reducing graphical settings is the easiest route. reducing dx, lower resolution.

    There was one guy in our league whom used to remove items from a track. helicopters, pieces of buildings underground, stuff like that which helped to reduce the fps hits. (modders don't always clean up their 3d stuff hehe)

    Which track is it? maybe there's a different version of it which works better.

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    Let me ask some questions
    - is it a converted Track?
    - is the original from Codemasters?
    - is it unzipped 100 MB or more?
    - is it Valencia?

    When the first 2 can be answered with yes, let me tell you the following.
    When you've put all meshes from the original Track into your rFactor-Version, the FPS "Brakedown" comes from the high count of polys and the needed textures that have to be loaded. And maybe you didn't use any VisGroups too.
    And that's and the things Denstjiro said before, are the most causes for FPS-lowering.

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    Yes is the answer to all i think

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    The version of COTA last year was also a conversion from codemasters F1 2012 i think and it was quite high on FPS, so maybe the reason is each object is very high poly. I guess its higher in Valencia cos its set in a city, so more buildings. When I prepare the tracks ill take this into consideration...

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