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Thread: AI and pit stops?

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    AI and pit stops?

    Hey Sim Racers,
    So i'm trying to make this DTM mod as real as possible.
    I currently do 2 stops and use both prime and option tires...but the problem is the AI.
    Is there any way to stop them refueling, pit twice, and use both compounds?
    I think the best way to stop the refueling is to make a default set for the AI.
    I think I can also force the 2 stops through the default set, but what about tire compounds?
    I saw the CompoundRestrictions=2 in the car's HDV file, and 3=Both, does that mean both compounds are needed to be ran?

    If anybody has any ideas, I'd LOVE to hear them!!

    Thanks rFactor Community!!!

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    I'm wondering about this as well, I'd love it if the ai could use 2 compounds during a race

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    Not possible.
    AI will take the one tire only!
    Compound restrictions in hdv are for the human player.
    I found nothing yet that prevents the AI from refueling.
    But you can set the refuel time in hdv to a minimum, so that it has no influence.
    You can assign each AI driver when to stop and how often. It has to be made in the tracks .GDB file.
    Itīs most of the time not necessary to give the AI an own setup for each track.
    You can have influence on the pitstops by adjusting the AI tire wear in the .tbc file.

    More questions welcome! I have lots of time...


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