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Thread: Collision bug.

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    Angry Collision bug.

    Hello guys, I'm currently making a mod for rF which features of 40+ cars (though I have only completed about 4 of them thus far.)

    However one particular car I'm trying to add at the moment has been nothing but problem filled. (It's probably all those sleepless nights I've had tbh, most were easy fixes).

    I have my car working in the spinner, and the track, however I have this very unusual bug. When I drive out of the pitlane on any track, and the mesh file for that track switches to another mesh file, my car collides with it like an invisible wall. Best example I have is if you use Nuerbug GP and come out of the pits, you can see just at the end of the pit lane where the new mesh starts to continue the road, however if I drive normally over it, it just stops the car to a dead stop, however, if I go around it, it works fine until the next piece of mesh appears.

    A very weird bug, something I actually haven't come across, and I've been modding rF for over a year now.

    I've tried changing my PM file, adding collision offsets/graphical offsets, and commenting out instances in the .GEN file, but nothing seems to work. I've had a look at the damage file and it seems to be fine.

    This problem only starting occuring when I added new objects to the car to complete it. (I was just using a hollow shell with wheels and no interior or cockpit.) I've tried commenting those particulars out, but again, nothing.

    I'm starting to give up on this car.

    If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it!

    I've attached my HDV, PM & damage file just incase.

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    Sorry, but your downloadlink isn't working for me, i only get the attachment.php.

    And it would be better if you put all files of the car (including *.rfm, Sounds...) into the *.rar, so that i can run it on track .

    But one question, did you control the materialnames of the car?
    Sometimes strange names can cause strange behaviour.

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    The link works for me, but anyway, here's a link to the full thing in my dropbox:

    All of the material names start with "BkS_E36_" and then have a corresponding material name, like glass, or metal or something like that. The only material that doesn't follow the generic order, is the exterior body parts which paint is applied to. That material is called WCCARBODY so people can change colour of the paint, etc.

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    OK, seems as if you have a lot of work to do.
    Get THIS File.
    It includes a new E36_Touring.MAS and a reduced and restructured BkS_E36.gen.

    With that you should have free ride on track . ( But like i said...VERY much work is left, to make the car normal rFactor standard)

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    So did you actually sort the problem, or is it still there?

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    No, with using that 2 files the collision-issue is gone.

    BUT, i removed a lot of entries from the *.gen, just to start with basics, because that is the easiest way to figure out problems. Put them back step by step, to see if one of them causes problems.

    I started to do it, but then stopped because i didn't want to make your work

    And i think there are more files having issues. The *.pm for example (look at the rear right wheel when driving).

    And maybe more files have to be looked at, i'm not sure if there exist more issues in other files too.

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    This sounds like the undertray issue. I'm not sure what or how it eas happening but early versions of the BES mod had issues with the undertray catching and bringing the car to a dead stop, but only in certain spots. PetraGTC fixed it by fixing the undertray. For the best quality Sportscar racing on the net. We race several different sims, check us out today.

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    This problem had other reasons Guy.
    I could solve the problem of the strange collision-behaviour only by changing some settings of the meshes and (and that was the more helpful thing) deleting some *.gen entries and restructuring of the *.gen-file.

    But generally it is sometimes hard to figure out issues, because you never know from which mod the modders have taken the files for their mod and what they have changed.

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