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Thread: "Online Connection Required"

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    "Online Connection Required"

    Hey guys,

    Been away from rF for about a year and I'm getting it set back up on a new rig.

    I can't find my old activation so I have purchased a new one and received my codes but when I try to unlock the game it gives my an error saying:

    Pops up with: "Certificate doesn't match, proceed anyway" Yes/No, click yes.

    Next: It starts processing then comes up with,

    "Online connection required
    You need to be connected to the Internet to continue.
    If the connection fails, please close the program, connect to the internet manually, and restart this process."

    Clearly I have net connection, turned of my firewalls, even tried it wireless but I keep getting this error.

    Any help would be great.



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    Thanks for the support

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    Sorry, thought you were just monkeying around, as ISI have answered this same question repeatedly on this forum under the title activation.

    Trymedia who handled the rFactor activation shutdown some time ago. ISI handle the activation themselves now, and have updated rFactor to version 1255G

    The message your getting, sounds like you have installed rFactor 1255F, which is having trouble connecting to the Trymedia server to activate.
    I recommend downloading and installing rFactor 1255G which should work with your new rFactor 1255G ISI activation code.

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    OHHHHHHHHHHHH... okay - I see now. I'll try this, sorry,

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