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Thread: *********.com. Dream Ride Project

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    Unhappy *********.com. Dream Ride Project

    I am new to rFactor, so please forgive me if this has been covered before.

    I have just purchased 3 cars from, Dream Ride Project via Paypall.
    They state on there site that you should receive download info within 12hrs.
    It has now been over 24hrs and I have not had any email.
    I have now sent 3 emails without response.
    Has anyone dealt with this company before??


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    I'm not sure but i would say that they are selling cars which are converted from other games.
    Which would be a big joke.....making money with other peoples work.

    And that should not be supported with buying cars there.

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    Another victim of internet theft .....

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    I'm afraid you've been duped.. Since you are new, please only download mods that are free, so far the only legit payware cars I know were offered by United Racing Development

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    Check your spam folder. Looking at their content, I can't say I've seen those cars around other games so I'd not be so quick to assume they're all conversions. Almost all of the cars are poor though.

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    Thanks for the comments, I payed via Paypall, so I'm hoping to get my money back.
    Like you have said, I will stick to the free downloads from now on.
    Thanks Again

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    The guy is a scammer plain and simple. His "cars" are pretty much crap. Most are stolen conversions. SimRaceWay had a big GTR2 contest ($7500 value first prize) way back when they first opened and he "won" it, although after review and dozens of protests they determined he was cheating.....most likely using a "ram" cheat. I would contact Paypal asap and get your money back.

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