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Thread: Force Feedback Driving Force GT

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    Force Feedback Driving Force GT

    I have managed to get FFB working with the Logitech Driving Force GT, All I want to know now is what is the best settings, in Logitech Profiler and in rFactor to have with the LDFGT? Any help would be appreciated

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    Overall Effects 100%
    Spring Effect 0%
    Enable Centering spring Check
    Centering Spring Strength 0%
    Report Combined Pedals Uncheck
    Degrees of Rotation 900
    Allow Game To Adjust Settings Check

    This feels pretty good to me. I also recommend following ZeosPantera's instructions for realfeel, and testing that with your mods. It's much better than stock FFB.

    Also, I find that I have to unplug and replug the wheel after I start my PC every time I turn it on to get the wheel to calibrate properly. Don't know why.

    I've used a few other wheels, and I must say, if you find that you enjoy sim racing, and can scrape up some dough, I recommend an upgrade.

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