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Thread: Old Wheels that may not work

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    Old Wheels that may not work

    Hi, I'm having trouble with my wheel. It's not working on rFactor but it worked on iRacing and I'm not sure why. I go and try to make custom settings but when I try to use any button or pedal attached to my wheel it doesn't register as my throttle, brake, etc. The wheel is a Logitech Driving Force. It's from around 2002 ish. It was originally for PS2 but again like I said, I have used it on the computer before. If anyone has any suggestions they would be much appriciated. And please use as non techy terms as possible. I'm sorry for any inconvenience but I'm not too tech savoy.

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    Hi Will, I think the wheel should work in rfactor so lets try a few things,

    First of all, di you install software for the wheel? it needs drivers, preferably the latest ones.
    I think this one is it:
    Otherwise google Logitech Driving Force Drivers and you'll get some more options like the Pro.

    After you installed the drivers, you don't need to setup your Logitech-profile. just ignore that and go straight into windows/configuration screen/hardware/appliances and right click on the wheel icon and go into settings and calibrate and test the wheel.

    If its working in windows, it should work in rfactor.

    If its still not working you might have an issue with assigning, make sure you don't have extra hardware plugged in like a tablet. that will confuse rfactor. so you need wheel/pedals/keyboard/mouse plugged in. any other fancy stuff needs to be unplugged.

    Once in-game go to settings/controls/force feedback and make sure its set to 'wheel'

    That's about it for now, make sure you don't press escape when assigning buttons, just press the key and it should get assigned.

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