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Thread: GP3 2010-12 Mod by WST [WIP]

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    GP3 2010-12 Mod by WST [WIP]

    After 14 Months of developing we are today at a point where the GP3 Mod reaches public beta status soon.

    A lot of things happened since RS broke down and the Developement nearly stopped. These guys who followed my Facebook-Page know that the developement hasn't stopped since then, but slowed down during new year rapidly. But we're back. We means for now Carlos12295cf and myself. haunetal1990 left the project to concentrate on R4S and some other small projects.
    So it's now up to WST to finish the GP3 2010-2012 Mod, and we are on it. Still the Mod will be called "by haunetal1990" and friends who definetly made the biggest part of the work - and gave me the permission to release the GP3 Stuff.

    Now it only remains for doing many helmets and some 2010 and 2012 skins.

    Some WIP shots:

    Tech 1 Racing Skin by Carlos12295cf and fisicoF1

    MW Arden Skin by fisicoF1

    Barwa Addax Skin by Carlos12295cf

    You see, we are still on it and we're coming closer to a final release.
    There will follow shots of the (awesome) 2010 and 2012 season soon.

    Stay tuned!

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    Thanks for your wait, we published the GP3 Series 2011 mod for F1C, just enjoy it:

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    We want to apologize but finally the project for F1 Challenge was cancelled because we are full of work and quite busy with the current mod for rFactor.

    Sorry for the inconvenience,

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