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Thread: Simjunkies GT-1-Championship

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    Simjunkies GT-1-Championship

    Hi ho and hello.

    We at are starting pre-season testing for our GT1 championship (using Enduracers mod) today.
    22,04,2013 @ 1900GMT

    You can find the forum thread here

    If you want to have a seat, or feel intrested in what else we could provide in range of rF1 or Race series(Simbin)
    Take a look here

    The setup is set for quick races. aprox 60-90 minutes in lenght.

    We are going for a drivers season. Meaning that no teams are set up for this one. It is also a good way to get to know us if you are new to Simjunkies.

    Teamspeak is available, and we like you to join that even if you do not have a mic. It is a good way to listen to late announcements and so on.

    If you are intrested, go to our site, register, and drop a note in our forum or shout box.
    I am available on PM aswell. Either here, or you can PM me at our site from my name [SJ]Cato Larsen in this list

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    Pre season test day has passed.

    We are still open for drivers. the count is now 13 individual drivers.

    The season will start 06,05,2013 and you are welcome to try and get a seat.

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    We have the final pre season session upcomming monday.

    Short info:
    Qualifyuring week 17(Grid set by fastest time during the week-17 recorded on our live timing domain )
    Warmup: 1900GMT (Duration 30 minutes)
    Race: 1930GMT (Duration 90 minutes)

    Race info:
    Tyres:x2 multiplier
    Fuel: x2 multiplier
    That means PITSOPS, so set them correct.
    Start: Rolling W/O pacecar, so 5 minutes will be added to the race timer

    Full info:Click here

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