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Thread: Batch file command?

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    Batch file command?

    I am using an external app to start rfactor. something like the mod launcher 2.0
    every mod has his own batch file.

    Echo off
    rfactor +fullproc %1 %2 %3 %4 %5

    what is the right command, for a batch file, to tell rfactor start with a mod.rfm?

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    When I did it I had to edit the userdata/<player name>.plr file
    // Change the entry in the line
    //Game Description="caterham.rfm" // The current rFactor game file (*.RFM) to load
    // The player file will then become the latest and rFactor will load that mod

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    sure,but you can not make for ech mod an own .plr file.
    In other games it`s possible to give the target some parameter like rfactor +mod or +modname xxxxxx
    Like a shortcut from desktop.
    The reason is, it`s possible to make for every mod an own folder with an own rfactor.exe. But that will be too big for all together.
    The Launcher starts over a .bat that tell start rfactor. But every .bat seams to start it with the last used rfm in the .plr like you said.
    And thats the problem,i don`t know how to fix it.the Launcher could read an rfm file. damn.

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