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Thread: "This page cannot be displayed" by starting rF.

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    "This page cannot be displayed" by starting rF.

    After playing rF2 for a while (and did some via driver changing) I got the message "this page cannot be displayed" when I tried to startup rF1.
    I get a screen, not a browser screen or something, but just a screen in the middle, a bit smaller then the screen itself and it says this.

    The shortcut is alright, I tried the .exe itself; doesn't work also.
    Config, I can open.

    Anyone got an idea?
    I think it's so strange; I don't even know where to start

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    Check that your pc clock is showing the correct time and date.

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    When I first read this, this morning, I thought: "WHAAT? Is he alright??"
    I didn't see a link at all

    But I realized you knew what you were talking about (and you don't make up things like this, haha!).

    So I checked the clock and date and what do you know?!
    Set it, game started, me happy as can be!!

    Thank you very much! +1 of course.

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