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Thread: Activatation not working

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    Activatation not working

    Have had some problems getting this thing to run.

    Initally had the Logitech version of the game installed and it seemed to work fine, purchased the game from Rfactor and recieved an email with the Coupon Code, installed this and it seemed to work ok.

    However, i noticed that the game was a demo only and quite locked down with regards cars, tracks etc etc.

    I therefore completelly unistalled the game, removed the folders that rfactor had created including the hidden trymedia one

    After reinstalling the downloaded (full) version i went through the activation process but it just does not go any further. I try to put in the coupon code and it just sits there. Doing the i have already bought it it asked for an activation code, is this the same as the coupon code? I tried to put this and my email in but is says it does not recognise this.

    Should i have recieved another email with an activation code after i first registered it with the coupon code, I never received anything.

    I am running Vista64.

    Anyone shed any light on this.



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    Been a while since i had to deal with this stuff but i think coupon and activation are 2 different things.
    So if i understand correctly you tried to use the coupon details in the activation which would not work.

    You probably have this allready but,
    Download and install rFactor. Visit to check on the status of the rFactor download. When you run rFactor for the first time, you will be presented with a series of pages.
    *1) On the first page, click on the " Buy / Unlock " button.
    *2) On the next page, click on the " Have a coupon? Click here " link.
    *3) You will be presented a popup window. Type in the Unlock Code you received via email in the line labeled " Coupon Code " and click on the " Send " button.
    *4) After you receive the Congratulations message, type in your email address and click on the "Activate!" button. PLEASE NOTE: This mean should be where you want your confirmation information to be sent including procedures for reactivating rFactor in case of system upgrade or hard drive format. This email does NOT have to be the one you used for your Paypal purchase.
    *5) Complete. Enjoy rFactor!* See you online.
    *Please visit for more information.

    Its the activation code that you need
    When you open rfactor, the activation code should not be used in the buy/unlock section, there's a link on the bottom right.

    We used to be able to go to but its a dead link now for me.

    If everything fails i would simply email or pm Gjon, they allways have been swift in fixing this stuff.

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    Yeah that is what i felt, never did recieve the email with the activation code only the one with the coupon code. Will PM Gjon as you said and see if i can get to the bottom of this.

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    The trial version can be fixed using the thread posted in the FAQ forum right here...

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