GP2 Series All-In-One Package v 3.1 released.

Hello people, i show you my last release of this mods. As you can see, only include the Basepack and the Expansionpack. The reason to not include tracks is the next:

We don't comproved the legality of the Renewal Trackpack Birkuc, in my case using the next tracks: MagnyCours, Hockenheim and Spa, because those tracks are from GTR2.
It's true i have the permissions of MMG, for the conversions (Birkuc) and Monaco track (CTDP). I could't get other MagnyCours, Hockenheim and Spa, because the members of CTDP aren't available. Other way is use RH tracks updates, but they never give permissions. And finally Birkuc, but isn't legal.

I do this action as a part of the legal mods promotement and to help the FisicoF1, schumacher180 campaign to NOT copy and make leeched mods.

Apart of that, this mod includes the 3 full seasons (2005, 2006, 2007) and I recived helping of Schumacher180 (Light cars), Mathewsv (Damage cars), and Haunetal1990 (Structure).

Apart of do a full package, all the seasons are updated and corrected (some bugs).

Special thanks to all the people helped me in this project!

Download link: