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Thread: F3000 2004 & GP2 Series 2005 by CF

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    F3000 2004 & GP2 Series 2005 by CF

    Hi people, those are my new mods i finished.

    The first is F3000 2004, into the download there are Credits (Readme).

    Download link:

    GP2 Series 2005



    Download link:

    To know more information click here:

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    Hello guys, the first GP will celebrated the next Wednesday 01/08/2012.
    I wait all your colaboration, depending of the people that came, we will make Q1 and Q2 or only Qualify. The hours are the next:

    12:45 Practice
    13:00 Qualify
    13:30 Race

    In the next days i will upload a patch v1.10 to put skins of every driver and fix the minutes that have the Q1.

    The server will be opened at 12:45 AM and we will use hamachi as a software to join all the people. I remind you the ID and Password:

    First site:

    ID: lligafrau3
    Password: lligafrau3

    Second Site:

    ID: lligafrau4
    Password: lligafrau4

    And then, into the game you must put the next IP:

    When we start previus race, we will make at first a "reconaissance lap", we have 5 minutes to arrive in our start grid. You must know your car number when you set in the grid. Then, if all the people are ready to start, we will make the formation lap, (only 1 lap). Finally, we will start the race. Mininum we will make 1 stop in the race or more. If somebody don't follow this rules can be penaltied 20 or 40 seconds. If someone doesn't 1 stop mininum will be disqualified.

    The Q1 will be 15 minutes and Q2 15 minutes more.
    The race will be 15 laps. So you must prepare a good strategy mates.

    You can find the basic setup here:
    And the patch v1.10 (the skins of every participant):

    Kind Regards,

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