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Thread: Car is giving CTD - Collision Body Checksum

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    Lightbulb Car is giving CTD - Collision Body Checksum


    fairly new to rfactor modeling but I've been messing around with private mods for years but I am hitting a wall. I can get the car to show in the showroom without any trouble (managed this with 3 different cars) but everytime i'm going to race or test day the game CTD.

    When checking my trace log it gives
    game.cpp     1339: Entered Game::Init()
    game.cpp     1350: got past replayman init
    game.cpp     1352: got past replayfridgeman init
    vidman.cpp   1402: Entered VidMan::Init()
    ai_db.cpp    3180: Entered AIDatabase::Init()
    steward.cpp  6472: Entered Steward::Init()
    hwinput.cpp  8061: Entered HWInput::Init()
    specialfx.cp 3908: Entered SpecialFX::Init()
    dynman.cpp    652: Entered DynMan::Init()
    slot.cpp      439: Vehicle GAMEDATA\VEHICLES\TESTMOD\01CAR\01DRIVER.VEH:
    slot.cpp      440: CollisionBodyChecksum=-470518080
    camera.cpp   4434: Entered CamMan::Init()
    sound.cpp     746: Entered Sound::Init()
    I've noted that each different car that does this gives the same collisionbodychecksum value.

    I've checked for obvious GEN HDV VEH error but nothing stands out.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hope its somehting simplei've missed.

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    i get the same thing, any one got any ideas?

    slot.cpp 440: CollisionBodyChecksum=-470518080
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    I would say forget about the "CollisionBodyChecksum" entry, that shows up with mods that don't make any problems, too.

    That a car crashes the game to desktop can have so many reasons, we can start a new quiz here, but that makes no sense in my eyes.

    It's always the easiest to have all files on the own machine and then take a look where the error comes from.....

    But when you have created a trace, look what the last line is about.

    In the first post (was that the last line?) it is the entry: sound.cpp 746: Entered Sound::Init()

    If that was the last line in the trace file, i would suggest to start with to look if the sfx file is referenced correctly in the veh file or look if the used sfx file itself is OK or simply try a sfx file from a mod that is working.

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    i followed your advice, regarding the last line of the trace file pointing to the error why the game crashes.......

    i tried several tracks, and each time the trace file pointed to a missing .ini file related to that track, so i cjhecked the folders of those tracks and none had ini files. so i dropped in the default rFactor tracks( Mills, OrchardLake, Sardian Heights and Toban) and got the same message in the trace file........

    setup.cpp 2313: Could not find TOBAN_Short.ini

    Toban doesnt have ini files, infact no track has ini files, so my question is why is the ini file being called for
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    redapg (chris) can not reply in the isi or S397 forums anymore, because he is banned.
    I can remember that he ones told me, that entries like the 'could not find track-xyz.ini', are not a hint to a problem.
    They are just a part of the loading routine and if there is no such a track ini file, you get that message.
    But the missing track ini file don't causes a problem.

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    He's not banned, it looks like his account was pruned for inactivity and carried over to the Studio 397 forum.

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    He was banned by c. elliot, without any warning or explanation, in the rf2 forums of isi, after he 2 times posted a 'good bye' to the community, because he didn't wanted to move to steam.
    And that ban was ported to the s397 forums.
    But it don't matters anymore, because, like he told me, he anyway will not come back to a forum where users are treated like that.

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