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Thread: how do i create a championship season

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    how do i create a championship season

    hey ,

    I want to do a offline season using the amazing 1991 Formula 1 historic Mod, sadly it didnt have a track pack and most other seasons have broken files even with pro membership ay rfactor central ( waste of money)

    So i have the 88 track pack and found a few that can fill in to make a season but dont know how

    Also does anyone know of other places mods and track packs are uploaded as most are missing now a days
    seasons between 80 and say 95?

    many thanks

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    Look for championship manager from ctdp 2006
    edit: saving your precious time...

    If i understand right what are you meant, because my english sucks.
    edit again:
    I remember this excelent site:

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    awsome thankyou

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    awesome you´re welcome.

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