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Thread: matchmaker not working

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    matchmaker not working

    hi im new to this , my matchmaker was working, but now when i go to look for races to join, nothing shows up at all
    i have internet access but its telling me matchmaker is not responding

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    A common issue with rf1, not sure what the problem is though. it seems to me matchmaker-server reboots frequently, maybe once a week and once it does problems are over.
    I usualy sit it out and cross my fingers no problems arise just before a league-race. had that once and it was quite dissapointing.
    But generaly it doesn't happen enough to be a major problem though, its just once in a while.

    Some say rebooting rfactor also helps but never for me, try it anyways i'de say.

    If you have servers you visit regurarly or maybe your own, then connecting via direct IP will also help.

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