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Thread: add skins without replacing the original

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    add skins without replacing the original


    is there a way to create new skis for a car without replacing the original skin, specifically for RFT 2011 mod for rFactor, i create a folder called skis inside the skis folder and put the new skin there but only replaces the nose of the car.

    any help will be appreciated


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    sry to auto reply but, i did it!, you have to create a skis folder inside the original skins folder put inside the nose of the new skin then, there, create a "misc" folder and put the rest of the skin there, greatings!

    now i, is there a way to replace just de helmet without afecting the skin that has been selected?

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    you can do it 2 ways you overwrite the orginal files or if you not want that and wanna use other skins but not wanna have missmatch online you pick the car you wanna have new skin on rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\F1RFT2011\2011\TEAMS open TEAMS\Ferrari\F1RFT_06 now create a folder called SKINS inside that folder a folder called MISC in misc folder you lay dds files called window driver helmet extra and so on and in SKINS folder what you do is copy all files in C:\Users\Trippa\Desktop\Program\rFactor\GameData\V ehicles\F1RFT2011\2011\TEAMS\Ferrari\F1RFT_06 then lay in SKINS folder all other files in MISC folder not copy the txt file !! after that is done rename the dds file to a name you wanna use for the dds files and start edit the skins to pick the skin you done you look at ferrari car and upgrade or pick the new skin you create remember you must edit all dds files i think you maybe just edit nose

    we did a skin pack for megane long time ago so we did it like this added 1 folder called SKINS and 1 folder called MISC
    so that give no missmatch drivers that join our server see the default skins o now many leauges use skins but they add it wrong so people that not have the skins get missmatch if liga members use the team skins in servers

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