I am having some troubles with a mod that i am helping out on, im trying to add backfire and flame but the only problem i am having is most of the mods that i have see only backfire when u down shift and hit the brake, the mod i am helping out with is direct drive so no gear changing just 1st gear and go, what im trying to get at is there a way to make it backfire and show flame when you let off the throttle from high RPM? or is there a file anywhere that u can change when or how it backfires, i know in the .SFX file it is in the backfire and shift sounds, does this have anything to do with when it back fires? can u move them files to engine sound instead? im not to sure exactly how it works, if anyone could help me out or give me any advice it would be much appreciated....thanks again Ryan (this is for rFactor if it makes a difference)