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Thread: .rfm parc ferme questions

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    .rfm parc ferme questions

    hello there,

    i have a little question. im hosting a formula 1 league and since we have a mod supporting KERS and DRS out of Box we like to drive with all the rules 2011 where used.

    The parc ferme settings i allready have working fine. But at the moment i have a problem.

    If you starts the qualy on soft compound you can change the compound after quali befor the race.
    If i fix the compound the the used ones (e.g. soft) they can use the whole race just the soft tyres.

    This rfm settings we are using at the moment.

    ParcFermeFuel = 0.0
    ParcFermeTires = 3
    ParcFermeSetup = 1

    if i decrease the freesettings to 103 the compounds can not be changed in quali neither in race.

    in the .hdv all tyre compounds are enabled in race but the effect isnt there.

    can some one maybe help me?

    thanks in advance.

    greetings Matthias

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    Should look like this
    ParcFerme = 1
    ParcFermeFuel = 0
    ParcFermeTires = 10
    ParcFermeSetup = 1
    FreeSettings = 247
    These are the settings my league uses and they work perfect.

    Ruben M.

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    We were unable to get this working properly - locking the compounds from quali stopped the top 10 changing compounds during the race, as you describe (we only had parc ferme applied to the top 10). We tried a number of combinations of values, I can't say for sure we tried the ones Ruben has listed, but had no luck.

    We ended up unlocking the tyres under parc ferme and using our own plugin to monitor compounds qual -> race, and during the race itself (2 compound rule).

    The .rfm values are partially overridden by the server .PLR file values too, so keep an eye out for that - maybe there's a combination there we missed...

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