From within the Connect Tab you can select to...
JOIN a online server.
CREATE a server.
Adjust online SETTINGS.
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Under the JOIN submenu is where you find and select a online server to race in.
Opening the JOIN submenu connects you to matchmaker and places you in the "Server Lobby"
Along the top select "Server List" to view available online servers,
Select "Friend List" to view and add "favorites" servers you regularly use.
You can also select "Lobby Chat" to chat with fellow racers.
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Here we've highlighted a server where we can see the mod (series) and track (Circuit) being run.
Selecting the Settings submenu shows the settings for that server.
Highlighted boxes mean that selection is allowed in the server, dark boxes mean "off".
The server shown here has Auto Clutch and Free driving view enabled.
This means you cannot use Traction control in this server, but you can use auto-clutch if you desire to.
To the right of this pane, we see the current session information.
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Here we can see what if the server is running "Fixed Setups" (Identical performance)
This also shows if the server is using "Forced Cockpit View"
Fixed sets forces all clients connect to that server to use the same setup/upgrades.
Forced Cockpit limits all clients to cockpit view, all other views are disabled.

This also shows the upgrade credits needed for that server, and that servers set data rate.
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Here you can receive more detailed information about a given server.
rFactor version , Allowed Vehicles and MOTD (message of the day) are notable here.
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Here you can create your own online race (server)
Selectin a name , password ( if desired) and Message of the day (if desired).
Pressing the ACCEPT button on the lower right will take you to the Race Weekend setting screen.
Choose your Circuit, Details and Opponents.
After selecting your vehicle you will go to the Multiplayer Rules and Difficulty screens.
When satisfied with these setting select "Load Circuit" to start your server session.
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Here you can adjust and modify your network and racecast settings.
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