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CIRCUIT DETAIL: The track detail or number of object shown, ie billboards, buildings, stands etc...
PLAYER DETAIL Detail referring to your vehicle
OPPONENT DETAIL Detail referring to other vehicles.
TEXTURE DETAIL Quality of "texture" detail of all other objects, ie vehicle paint, billboards tracks
TEXTURE FILTER Texture filter settings to "clean up" images ie jagged edges etc.. SPECIAL EFFECTS Skid marks, smoking tires while skidding, sparks, smoke when over heating, etc etc....
SHADOWS Amount of shadows you see. Example, the highest setting may show shadows on vehicles where the medium setting likely will not. This is another very system intensive setting, Highest shadows are most realistic but harder on framerates.
SHADOW BLUR Smooths the edges of "choppy" shadow edges.
VISIBLE VEHICLES The number of opponent vehicles (Including pace car) that you can see while driving. If you have 9 visible vehicles in a field of 40 cars, you will only see the 9 vehicles closest to you.
MESSAGE CENTER Turns the "message center" on or off.
KPH/MPH Selects to diplay speed in Kilometers per hour, or Miles per hour.
UNITS Selects to display garage options in Imperial or Metric units
HEADS UP DISPLAY Start with Heads Up Display on or off. This is the information panels at the bottom of the screen in-game.
DEFAULT VIEW Selects the driving view you will start sessions with. Cockpit- is a sitting in the drivers seat. TV Cockpit- is as television camera might see from the cockpit. Nose- looks direclty off the front bumper. Swingman- is "chase" view from slightly above and behind the vehicle.
MIRRORS Selects Rear View mirrors off or on when beginning a seesion. If you have grey places where the mirrors should be, turn this on.
VERTICAL FOV Field of View adjusts your field of view. Adjust this to create or correct a "fish eye" camera view.
STEERING WHEEL On- Displays a fully movable steering wheel in the cockpit. Fixed- Displays a non-moving steering wheel in the cockpit. Off- No steering wheel diplayed.
AUTO DETAIL FPS Display option which specifies a framerate threshold below which the game will automatically start reducing detail to try to improve framerate. This may be useful if your framerate is low only at the start of the race, for example. A side effect of using this feature is that details or other vehicles may appear or disappear depending on your current framerate. Note that this is NOT a "minimum" framerate - if you desire the game to attempt to maintain a particular framerate, you should set Auto Detail FPS to a value higher than your desired framerate. Furthermore, it can only reduce details a certain amount, so please donít expect it to double your framerate.