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Digital Steering/ Throttle/Brake/Clutch Rate
If using a digital control device for a specific input, this set the rate of control. Digital control devices are devices that have only two states: on and off. In order to smooth the responsiveness of these inputs, we ramp up the effect over time. These sliders allow you to control the speed with which the full effect takes place.
Speed Sensitivity
This setting controls the sensitivity of the steering. If you find the steering too hard to control at high speed due to the motion of the wheel, adjust this setting to find a good balance between control and stability.
Look Ahead
This slider controls the amount the driver field of view (FOV) turns into the corner. For example, if you are turning the car to the left, the entire viewpoint will move to the left as well, giving a more lifelike appearance to the driving.
Head Movement
This setting controls the movement of the FOV within the confines of the car’s cockpit. rFactor includes the representation of bumps on the track as well as the simulation of in-car disturbances such as extreme vibration at high speed—too fast, and you might find yourself bumping around hard enough to lose the line on the track! Exaggerate Yaw
Moves the camera in the direction of car angle when in a corner.