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INVULNERABILITY : - Makes your vehicle unable to receive damage from other vehicles or tracks objects (wall, barriers, etc..)
STEERING HELP : - The vehicle will help you steer and follow the best line.
BRAKING HELP : - The vehicle will self brake depending on level when needed.
OPPOSITE LOCK : - The wheels will turn in "opposite Lock" to the opposite direction your vehicle spins when needed.
SPIN RECOVERY : - In the event of a wreck, or spin, the vehicle will turn by itself, pointing you back in the correct direction.
AUTO PIT LANE : - AI will control your vehicle when entering pitlane. Upon exiting pitlane the driver takes back over.
STABILITY CONTROL : - Helps keep the vehicle "straight". The higher this setting, the harder to spin your vehicle.
ANTI - LOCK BRAKES : - Anti-lock brakes much as in a passenger vehicle. The higher the level the less chance you can lock up the wheels under heavy braking.
TRACTION CONTROL : - Reduces the ability to spin the tires, helping to maintain control on take off and corner-exit.
AUTO SHIFTING : - Shifts the transmission automatically by the given setting.
AUTO CLUTCH : - Applies and releases the clutch when needed for shifting, stopping etc...
DAMAGE MULTIPLIER : Percentage of damage applied in a collision. 100% = Full damage, 50% = half the damage as full.
AI STRENGTH : How "Fast" the AI are If you are easily outrunning the AI, turn this up. If you cannot keep up with the AI you can turn this down to slow the AI.
AI AGGRESSION : How aggressive the AI will be.