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Thread: Dedicated Server Basic Setup

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    Dedicated Server Basic Setup

    First you will have to load the rFactor files to the server.

    If you have desktop access to your server , simply download the rFactor installer to the server.
    A Dedicated Server only installer will be available. This installer contains only the files needed to operate a dedicated rFactor server.

    Follow the Basic installation steps to install rFactor.

    Once the install is complete, navigate to your install location IE: Programfiles/rFactor find the rFactor Dedicated.exe , right click on it and create a short cut on the desktop.

    Click on the shortcut to Start the server.
    You will first see the message "Initializing ISI dedicated server", then this screen will appear...

    Select Player File And Game Database
    Here select the Player file (plr) you wish to use and the Game Database (Series/Mod) you wish to use.
    Here you can also assign a "admin password"
    See Server Commands for a list of commands and how to use them.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Select Vehicle Filters

    Here you assign the Vehicles and classes of vehicles to be allowed to enter the server.
    Click on each Vehicle/Class from the left window (Available Vehicle Filters) and select "Add"
    This moves the vehicles to the center (Selected Vehicle Filters) window.
    In the far right (Available Opponents) you will see the actual vehicles you have allowed.

    You may also select Upgrade Credits, Forced View, Fixed Setups and upgrades.
    RC Rank Type and Min and Max ranks may also be set.
    Click HERE for more information on assigning fixed setups in the dedicated server.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Select Events To Run

    In the next screen we choose the events (tracks) we wish to run.
    Note you can move events between Selected and Available by clicking on the event and selecting Add or Remove.
    In this example there are many events "Selected". This means all of these tracks will be available to the server.
    Once the "Brianza Classic - Round 1" even is completed the server will "Roll" to the next event in line...
    In this example "Brianza Classic - Round 2".
    If you only show 1 event "Selected" the server will only run that 1 event.

    Here you can also adjust your Connection type and speeds.

    If you want the server to show in the online "Lobby" check "Matchmaker Announce"
    If you want the server and results to show on RaceCast, check next to "RaceCast".

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Event Options:

    Here we select our race options and rules.
    Race Name - what your server will be called in the race lobby.
    Password - assign a server password here, leave blank for no password (open Server)
    MOTD - Message Of The Day. Add league , server or race notes here.
    This is a good place for your league/group URL, or other relevant info.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Game Information:

    This is the server "Monitor"
    Here players who enter the server will show in the upper right hand screen.
    Player chat will show in the bottom screen.
    Administrators can chat with users via this panel, as well as boot and ban troublemakers.
    You can also restart the entire race weekend, or restart a race.
    Forward to the next session or race, and even add AI.

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    Thanks Tim, I am a newbie to rFactor 2. The above posting portion I did by experience from my rFactor 1 admining with a remote server.

    Our league has just hired an rFactor 2 server, installed and running for 10 slots.
    I have followed the video for the "mod" creation, but don't know the next steps
    I have done some experiments in desperation, but I cannot see our "race" in the lobby list.

    Can you point me to "part 2" of the above, what files to upload and any other required steps please?
    aka Flattop.

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