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Thread: I have a Problem with .PLR & Full screen

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    I have a Problem with .PLR & Full screen


    I just got my new computer about 3 weeks ago. the operating system is Windows7 64, when I installed rfactor I can not found all the tracks I just found some of them, I also made changes to the .PLR file as usual to prevent head movement and to apply the virtual mirrors in the cockpit view but the strange thing is all these changes did not happen!! Yes the PLR file saved the new changes but I still have the movement issue inside the cockpit view and still do not have the virtual mirrors inside the cockpit!!, I don't know what should I do?! also I have the game not running in the full screen it seams like it is Windowed but I can not turn it in the full screen.

    I noticed that the rfactor configuration when I open it it says that the system running is the Windows XP while I am running Windows 7 this is strange too!! BTW my video card is Radeon HD 7850 2GB.

    Any help please?

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    Wierd, at first glance i would say it might have to do with administrators rights on your machine. it looks like the files are not beeing saved (read-only)

    Not entirely sure how to fix that but i suggest running the game as administrator and even try and change the UAC values. User Account Control-settings in W7 can often prevent certain actions.
    Also check the .PLR file in userdata if read-only is off.

    RF running on XP suggests you have 2 partitions with different OS? i dunno about that one sorry.

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