Drivers can choose to run different Race Seasons depending on their Racing Series.

Open Wheel Challenge racing series.

Using this example, you will begin your Racing Season in the rFactor Trainer Series.
Tip: Some users like to create several profiles.
You can use one specifically for your offline Racing Seasons,
and another for online racing and testing.
Reason for this is many like to use the DEV CODE to unlock all the vehicles in rFactor.
While this lets you drive the fastest , most expensive vehicles right away
it also defeats the purpose for running each series.

Starting the OW Challenge with a fresh player, you will begin with a minimal amount of credits.
This means you do not have enough credits for any vehicle upgrades.
You earn money and experience credits as you race the season.
As you complete races check what upgrades may have become available to you.

From the Control menu, select "Race Season" from the sub menu.
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Click on the season to highlight it, then click on "Create", you will then be able to select the vehicle you will race.
Again, starting out, you cant yet afford any other vehicles or upgrade.
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Next is the "Select Rules and Options Page"
Here you will setup the rules and options for your season.
Note these cannot be change after you begin your season.
Click HERE for detailed rules page explanation
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After adjusting these options, click "Create Season" at the lower right of the screen.

Next you will be presented with the "current standings" page.
You can check these standing after every race you complete.
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Clicking on "next race" will bring you to the "Circuit Information" screen.
Here you get a glimpse of the tracks layout and available information.
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Select "Load Circuit" to begin your first season race.
You'll be given a practice session before you qualify and finally race.
Use this time to learn the layout of the track.
Following some AI drivers around is a great way to learn the track.
Concentrate on being smooth. When you become smooth, you will also become fast.
Bear in mind, you also earn Credits for practice laps.
The first few races, you should be able to compete with the AI fairly well without ever going into the garage.
Rather than adjusting the vehicle setup to you, you should adjust yourself to the vehicle and the track.
In writing this article, I did not go to the garage until season 2, race 3.
A word on diving aids (assists). Turn them OFF.
No serious online events allow assists.
If you learn to drive with them on, you'll have to completely relearn driving without them.
Patience, what it takes to complete races.

When the race has completed, select "leave track"
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At the end of each event, you'll be returned to the standings page.
One replays are saved, and the next event is prepared, you can either select
"Next Race", or Change Season.
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After successfully completing all three season one events, the Advance Trainer Series will become available.
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Each new race and series will become more challenging.
Apply what you learned into season 2. Also be ready to learn more.
Patience, strategy and a good understanding of the garage will carry you through the remaining series.