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Thread: Stuttering

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    A few things can cause this...

    1) Programs running in the background.
    - antivirus
    - antispyware
    ---Windows defender for example likes to push the cpu to 100% leaving no room for rFactor.

    - messenger programs
    - auto updaters (windows update, product updates)

    Close or disable these programs when running rFactor.

    2) HEAT.
    - Heat causes huge problems for PC's

    Install a monitoring program to be able to track these temps.
    Check for clogged or dirty fans, wiring impeding airflow, etc etc.

    3) Hardware.
    - Poor performance can also be a sign of bad or failing hardware.
    - check RAM and GFX

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    Another thing that can cause stuttering, which was mentioned on the old RSC forum before the apocalypse, is NVidia's pre-render setting, which by default seems to be 3. It should be set to 0 via the NVidia Control Panel:

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