We've had this wonderful rFaсtor version of Laguna Seca by com8 for years, yet for no obvious reason SCU never had a moder sports car race there (only historic races). After the recent Sebring 12h event most of the stuff is ready anyway... so why not? Coincidentally the American Le Mans Series is to have their 6 hour event there on May the 12th. With ALMS impressions still fresh in our minds, it's time to have a go at it!
Up to 2009 'Monterey Sports Car Championships' used to be a 4h race. We've chosen to have a 4h race as well, mainly because there's a number of drivers insane enough to challenge themselves to a 4h race with no driver changes. So it's 4 hours, driver changes are allowed, but not mandatory. 1 car = 1 team = 1 or 2 drivers, including 1 team manager that will be required to register on the forum and post his team entry personally. New entries will be reviewed daily. The event will not go ahead unless we have 20 teams signed 1 hour before the qualifying.

  • Uninterrupted 4 hours of racing
  • 28 cars including 10 different models
  • 2 classes (LMP and GT2)
  • Hardcore simracing experience for adequate respectful drivers
  • Endurance Series SP2 mod for rFactor and beautiful Laguna Seca by Com8 with some subtle tweaks
  • Real world car liveries for genuine ALMS atmosphere
  • Live timing
  • Full English language support

More info at simracing.in.ua/monterey/


Saturday May 12
Team Registration opening
17:00 GMT
18:00 London
19:00 Central European Time

Friday May 25
Test day
Qualifying practice (55 min., open session)
18:00 GMT
19:00 London
20:00 Central European Time

Test race (30 min.)
19:00 GMT
20:00 London
21:00 Central European Time

Saturday May 26
Qualifying (20 + 20 min.)
Practice (90 min., open session)
12:30 GMT
13:30 London
14:30 Central European Time

GT2 Qualifying (20 min., closed session)
14:00 GMT
15:00 London
16:00 Central European Time

Practice (15 min., open session)
14:25 GMT
15:25 London
16:25 Central European Time

LMP Qualifying (20 min., closed session)
14:40 GMT
15:40 London
16:40 Central European Time

Saturday May 27
Race (4 hours)
Practice (45 min., open session)
13:40 GMT
14:40 London
15:40 Central European Time

Race (4 hours)
14:30 GMT
15:30 London
16:30 Central European Time

If you have any questions or thoughts about the event fell free to post in this thread!