Ive finally finished a new version of my Track Tut.


I made this mega-tutorial with noobies in mind, but a lot of the references are things that I use every time I build a track, and should be part of any track makers tool set.

It's divided into four sections; the first explains the different file types and describes of how to use them. The second section goes into detail about how to find solid info on a given track. The third is a compilation of several track making guides. And finally, I included guides on the nitty-gritty stuff to improve track quality.

It was originally available as a wiki, and has been rewritten for offline use. It’s meant to be a complete compilation of as many useful references as possible into one convenient, easy to use document.

• Written and edited (mainly) by Ewan “Uzzi” Chalker

• Some sections are from the ISI track making guide, others were copied off the old Race Sim Central message boards, and noted as such.

Changes for V2.6

• Converted the tutorial to PDF

• Added a table of contents

• Extensively edited and formatted the tutorial as a whole.

• Added new track technique tutorials, written by the folks at the old RSC, that I backup up before it was lost; I’ve also uploaded the original threads the here http://www.filefront.com/17845526/Track-tuts-RSC.zip/

• Alternative method to lofting, by Steve_w05

• Classroom Track Editing with Cyrus

• Path Deformation, by Undoz

• Top Track Creation Tips, by The Lonely's

• and high elevation skyboxes, By Neil Faichney (Krunch)

• All links to Race Sim Central are in the process of being replaced, deleted or are permanently lost. Most of my stuff is safe and being uploaded elsewhere.