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Thread: Someone sent me a do I find it?

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    Someone sent me a do I find it?

    If someone send you a setup, you will get a message saying "<so and
    so> has sent a garage setup". The setup will be under the driver's
    name who sent it in your <Received> folder with the track names under
    Setups in the garage. Select the setup, load it, then save it to the
    folder you'd like to keep it in. If you don't load the setup you received and save it somewhere other than the "Received" folder, you will lose it when the track reloads.

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    Last night the received folder was not available to online players. I sent a setup, but the received folder was missing. I left the track and returned to try again, and when I sent the set up the response said that I had sent a setup to myself... still no folder. We were using the original 60's mod at Monaco.

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