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Thread: Please help!!

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    Please help!!

    i will be getting a lenovo IdeaPad Z575 and i was just wondering if it can run Rfactor 2, i don't have a desktop computer, so this will have to do. i am not too worried if it can run on maximum settings. I know the game is still in development but like i said, i just need it to run on the minimum settings so an approximation would be nice. here are the specs:

    Processor: AMD A6 quad core 1.6 ghz (boost up to 2.0)
    graphics card: AMD radeon 6650m (1GB directx 11) (here is what concerns me, because it can barely run dirt 3 on medium settings and pull off 30 fps and this game will clearly be more graphically demanding than dirt 3.)
    ram: 6 gb 1333 ghz

    the monitor i will be using is a 32" 1080i sharp Tv, but the monitor isn't really that good, i will only be running one monitor at a time and i can't imagine that the graphics card in the ps3 can do it but this can't.

    i also saw the lowest specs/recommended specs forum, but i would like a second opinion on this laptop in particular.

    i haven't gotten the laptop yet so it might be better to just save more and get a better laptop, but i would rather just put the extra money to textbooks or a car payment... please reply ASAP.

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    Although the processor barely meet the minimum required, 2.3 GHz if I'm not mistaken, but since it's a quad core, maybe rF2 will still run. Very minimum setting tho. Better saving up some money and buy better laptop, with gaming spec if possible.

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    Processor falls short i think,minimum is 2.4 GHz you may struggle to run on even minimum settings,i also agree with what taufikp says.

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