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Thread: Engine Sound troubles

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    Engine Sound troubles

    So I tried to make my own Dirt Late Model engine sounds by converting a video off of YouTube, and clipping the appropriate parts with Audacity. I made sure everything I can possibly figure out matches. The bitrate is 44100 like the default file. But when I actually drive the car, it sounds really high-pitched and annoying, like a raptor. Can you use Audacity for rFactor WAV export? If any of you make engine sounds with Audacity, what do you do?
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    Audacity will work just fine. It is just a tool that operates on wav files.
    Play your file in something else if it sounds the same as audacity, then the issue is in your sound sfx. If it sounds high pitched, like in the game, there is an issue saving the file out of audacity.
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    You also need to tell the game the native frequency (engine RPM) of the sound file. Check the ISI stockcar mod .sfx files for comments.

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