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Thread: More Orbital information

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    More Orbital information

    Love the game, have about 20 hours so far.
    Will there be more information on the systems? I'd like to be able to plot non constant thrust courses, and more parabolic intercepts.

    Thank you and a great game it is so far!

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    I too want to be able to kerbalize my flight plans. If this is going to be a simulation, then resource economy of flight plans must have an emphasis.
    It's totally cool to have a retro feel to it, but not at the expense of what I can do.

    I assume that plotting assistance of maneuvers/burns must be in place anyways for NPCs (friends as well as foes) to be able to cope in an unforgiving simulation.
    So a sort of in-flight MechJeb support should not be a tall order.

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