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Thread: The space tow/utility truck.

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    The space tow/utility truck.

    As you learn to use your ship systems, I hope for more gameplay off from it.

    Whether it be for
    • salvage,
    • to save your own assets,
    • to recover annexed units
    • some special joint operation,

    ...I hope at least some part of the gameplay will typically involve you flying to something that either is nearly destroyed/drained/unpowered and then, as part of the process of restoring it to operational state, you need to temporarily hook your two vessels together so your ship can function as the respirator of the other providing stuff such as:
    • Power
    • Cooling
    • LSS
    • Tow

    Imagine driving up to a large disabled freighter. Docking with it. Starting repairs. Connecting its Bus1 to your bus2. Shutting down many systems on your own ship to conserve power. And after a few failed start attempts, you engage the fuel cells on bus2 and then you finally manage to get the reactor up and running. To me this sounds awesome.

    We have been given this vessel of engineering resources. We should use it to solve engineering problems. How about setting up a mining/production/shuttling operation and then be both its CEO, its guard dog as well as its janitor.
    Mostly autonomous units with automated defenses (or using friendly NPCs). After all, there is some response time in getting from A to B in this game.
    In these types of games, it makes little sense that pirates would be attacking you. They are opportunists, not suicidal. You are, presumably, well armed and not carrying much of a payload.

    I always think it is silly that rag tag brigands attack a well equipped knight in games like Skyrim/Eldar scrolls.
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    ...this also sounds awesome to me!

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    Just to say : that's what I expect from this project, if it get enough support.

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    For me this is a "dream scenario", reading your thoughts, I imagined a campaing where we were sent to a system to investigate why they stop communicating whit their home system.
    As soon we get there, we will need to search for the closest station, dock with it (it will be abandoned of course), then we will need to bring it online (the way you very well described above). As the game progresses and we get this done, our mission will be search and explore the system trying to find stations and ships, salvage or repair them, read documents, maybe hack computers, all this to assist us in the main mission.

    It will be a simple scenario, just a ghost system to explore, but with some survival mechanics (read as "maintenance to not die") and a strong plot to keep us going.
    I apologize in advance for any grammatical error or misuse of words, unfortunately my english is not good, but I've been working to improve it. Thank you all.

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    .....that's awesome

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