we from the Seacreast Racing Club are looking for new drivers for our upcoming 3rd Season.
We already have around 17 signups for the next season. We use the Ultimate GT3 Mod with alot of changes to it. Our current Season will feature its last race on the 18th of February and after that we will set dates for the upcoming Season. We will probably race on every second Saturday at 20:00 GMT, but that can change.
If you are interested in joining, please make sure to sign up at http://seacrestrc.xobor.de/ and contact Paul23(me) for further information.
You don't need a wheel to take part, but we will not allow keyboards, unless you can prove that you are pretty decent with it.
We are not a professional league by any means, so you can take part, even if you're very new to simracing or not very good. The physics in the mod are meant to be fun and forgiving and we invest lots of time to make racing fun. We also have our own Teamspeak and our own Skype group(if you don't have a microphone) to keep you updated.

I'm looking forward to see you on the racetrack.
Have a nice day