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Thread: How to define value lift params for the wings?

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    How to define value lift params for the wings?

    Dear all,

    I would like to collect the wing aerodynamic.

    I understand the actual value about the rear wing this could produce 450kg to 600kg @ 160km/h.

    But how to define these value for LiftParams ?

    I have reference some note on the net, but this is confused.


    How to define the Base lift, Lift increase per setting and Drop off?

    And I have try understand from BMW F1 06, but this got -0.6728 Nm(?), in 300km/h around -5302Nm (?).
    This far from I known and got no idea this is strong as real F1? (I know this modern F1 create 1500kg force, 5302Nm around 540kg.)

    Does I theory correct ?

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    Wing parameters calculate a coefficient. After that i think you can obtain forces with just multiplying coeffcients by the square of speed in m/s.

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    Check and be mindful of standard units, [kg] is mass, [Nm] is torque, Force [N]. 1500 [kgf] is 14710 N.

    Not sure where you are getting data from, commonly the data you'll find is an overall measurement on the car. How each wing contributes to the overall and how force changes with wing angle, ride height and speed are somethings you'll have research. Study, draw a relation, then apply that to your car.

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    It might actually be easier to simply drive the car at 160-km/h and then analyze the downforce being generated using motec (you will need to install motec in your rFactor install to do this) ....... and then make downforce adjustments accordingly in your .hdv file.

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