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Thread: Issues when +15 drivers into server

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    Question Issues when +15 drivers into server

    Hi Fellas!

    I host races in rF1. It works fine, but last night, when we try to make race, ALWAYS, when 15 drivers came into server, it block to others drivers join, given then a "Join Timed Out" message.
    I open and close server several time. Always, when 15 drivers been reach, server block others, with a "JTO" message.
    Important: Does matter the driver. Itīs not with specific driver. Happen to anyone that try join, after the 15 is on the lobby.

    Sure, when I config de dedicated.exe, I put the "57 drivers allowed" in specs.
    Go to facts:
    Mod - ETCC2003 (
    Track - Valencia GP (http://trippteamdownload.servegame.c...nd%203%264.exe)

    My Internet is a 100mb

    Someone have some info about?
    I appreciate any help. We all been here, just for love to race!

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    Just an Idea, which kind of Connection with which Up- and Download-Rates have you set for the Server?

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