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Thread: Some music

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    Some music

    Hi guys

    I'm sure many have made suggestions, but I'm looking for a space game to write some tracks for.
    The biggest games I have scored are 'Rise of Flight' and 'Wings over Flanders Fields' as well as "star trek Bridge Commander: Kobayashi Maru", and numerous star trek and star wars fan productions.
    I have a keen interest in this genre and would love an opportunity to produce some tracks.

    my demo reel for last year:

    on a side note, these are some tracks i did for a space invader game, featuring theremin and 8-bit synths
    Get in touch here, if you like.

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    Wonderful stuff!
    Loved the Theremen (?) melody in the Moscow track!

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    yup, that soundtrack is for a retro space invader style game. The producer loved chiptune and theremin, so I based the soundtrack around that.

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    i need to have a game soundtrack. where can i find?

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