I generally suck at garage and this case is even worse since I have no idea of Nascar cars. But for a change I'd like to race them a bit. So here's a default setup that comes with the mod (click to enlarge):

Now, I'd have a few questions:

1. Fender flare - no adjustments - is it OK?
2. Steering lock - why so small?
3. Brake pressure - must be a mistake I guess.
4. Front splitter and rear spoiler - again, no adjustments?
5. Bump/Rebound settings - these are somehow connected to each other. Is that right?
6. Camber for front wheels - way too high?
7. Rear sway bar - not available. Restricted by Nascar rules or something?
8. Rear toe - it can be adjusted. Don't know why but I always thought that it can't be (must be NR2003 nostalgia).

BTW, please note that this is a setup for road course (not ovals).