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Thread: Comprehensive "training" in-story campaign (for release)

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    Comprehensive "training" in-story campaign (for release)

    Well..I dunno exactly how comprehensive, but, I remember sims like Janes Longbow 2, where the training campaign really felt like part of the game.

    So what I am suggesting is, to make an in-story Training / Introduction set of missions which builds both knowledge of the ship, but also of the world as it stands, within a story (also a bit like I-war2 back in the day)

    For example, lets say you Start out not as a military pilot, but as a civilian pilot (perhaps in a non militarised version of the Fox or the FireArc) ... basic ship handling and procedures are covered off as an "on the job familiarity" package for some commercial concern....local system tug boat or some such.

    However, you are soon recruited into a volunteer / non-professional partisan force to fight against an encroaching pro military expansionist force.

    Other than being a cool in-game in-story "training" thing, this could also double as a FREE CAMPAIGN to get the game out there..

    Once the fightin' starts, you gotta pay for the full game etc..

    ..its late, so, I might be full of crap.

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    There is a planned tutorial scenario--a prologue to the actual campaign. The extent of it will greatly depend on development resources. That's why I'm not TOO concerned about the current tutorials (other than to make sure they are understandable and functional)--they will eventually be replaced by the tutorial... mini-campaign.

    And yes, the tutorial campaign would make for good demo material....
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