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Thread: [VMS, controls] - absolute and relative HUDs and controls, vs cameras

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    [VMS, controls] - absolute and relative HUDs and controls, vs cameras

    I've got an idea! Another one!?

    The external cameras in the VMS are excellent, no doubt about it. But what "feels" missing is the means to switch the VMS symbology (and perhaps even attitude controls) between the current fixed-forward, and relative to the perspective displayed. This could possibly even be limited to the docking port cameras, or more generically limited to the fixed position cameras.

    If you'd wonder why, try docking using either the port port camera, or the aft port camera. The external docking HUD stays fixed forward, and it's easy to mix up which direction on your stick is doing what.

    As far as UI implementation, I'd say a simple toggle button on the VMS for 'absolute' or 'relative' and either slave both symbology and controls, or perhaps present then independently. When using whichever-is-nonstandard, perhaps put a warning on either the CAWs, or up on the VMS (maybe with/under the current camera name?).

    This would arguably be a non-issue if we used smaller fixed monitors for the camera display and the pilot maintained a larger view fixed to these orientations, but as we use the main display it would make it a bit more intuitive for this to behave as if you had rotated the seat around.
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    The symbology should be based on the selected view. I THINK I have an easy way to add this--going to test it soon. Having CONTROLS be relative to the view--that will take a bit of tinkering, for sure...
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    Why not doing a simple control in the NAS section that allow us to manually set our binding?

    Mockup :

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Press the corresponding button to switch axis ( X->Y->Z->X )

    I think it makes perfect sense for this to be controlled by the NAS, and then you can also set the viewport to ask the NAS to change the binding

    edit : other control possibility, probably easier to use :

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	AxisBinding2.png 
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    While we are about that...

    We are going to be moving within busy space eventually, which lead us to use "External view", something META.
    I'm wondering if to give us situational awareness within the cockpit we could have on a screen a simple 3D representation of the spaceship, its current configuration (radiator out, cargo behind) and 3D forms of what is really close around.

    I'm basically describing a parking radar for spaceship

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