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Thread: Creating Multiple rFator 1 installs

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    Creating Multiple rFator 1 installs

    Hi Guys:
    I'm new to rFactor 1 so I apologize for my ignorance.
    Yesterday I purchased (through ISI, not Steam) rFactor 1.
    After I entered the emailed key, all was well and the program ran just fine.
    The problem I'm having is attempting to install multiple copies on the same machine
    to avoid ruining the main install by adding mods. I'm new to the game but I understand
    PC's and have been building my own for a long time so this shouldn't have been
    a problem. I've been doing my homework and viewed the numerous techniques on
    Youtube and rFactor Central but was unsuccessful in making a dedicated Verizon Indycar
    I used the technique of installing rFactor Lite, deleting the cars and tracks and copying
    the Indycar mod (from rFactor Central). I tried to copy and paste the rfactor.exe file from
    my untouched installation and also tried to do this using the Lite rFactor.exe.
    The trouble seems to be creating a shortcut for the mod using the .exe.
    When I launch from the shortcut, it will ask me to reenter my user name, etc. and then either crash
    or bring me back to the original installation but no mod. I realize the program needs to know if
    it is a paid copy. Could this be where the trouble lies? It seems straightforward in the Youtube vids
    but that technique doesn't seem to work. I'm on the latest version but the vids seem years old.
    Has something changed in the game preventing me from doing this?
    Your help is appreciated. Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robsand543 View Post
    Hi Guys:
    ...The problem I'm having is attempting to install multiple copies on the same machine
    to avoid ruining the main install by adding mods...
    I'm running multiple 'installs' for the same reasons. Someone else may have more current info for you, but this was my process:

    First i installed to the root directory, not the Program Files directory, so the path would be C:\rFactor, for instance. If i remember right, this was to avoid UserAccessControl, but i think there was also an issue with later versions of Windows due to it storing your player info, setups etc. in the Documents folder. I think that is avoided also.

    Then i get that original install working the way i want it to with nothing but the original ISI content -- get the player file and controller files all configured as i want them. Then simply copy the original install into another folder. The folders for the installs need to be named differently so i have, for instance, rFactor 'install' folders named "rFactor Endur", "rFactor Blancpain", etc. within a folder like C:\SIMS, the only difference being the mods installed to them, setups etc. From there it's just a matter of creating shortcuts to the specific rFactor.exe for each install (you'll be prompted to run the RF Config.exe from each folder also).

    There are some paths that may need to be corrected in the player file with this process.

    All this was with Windows 7. When i updated to Win 10 they all worked as before (except for the XD plugin, which i'm having to race without for now).
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