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Thread: First Person Ship Management

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    Question First Person Ship Management

    I'm just wondering at what point will Rogue System will you be able to get out your seat and 'walk'(More Floaty) around your ship.

    I am asking this because when I was playing the game I accidentally managed to fry my entire ship because I tried to enable the MTS

    without the EM shield fully charged, I'm not sure if this is planned but what if you could be able to say fix the component that caused

    your ship to die before you ran out of life support.

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    The only reason to have a first-person component in something like this is to let you get up out of the seat and do things (one of them being making inflight repairs). If there's nothing to do, then FPS is useless

    I have a short list of things that are coming in the near future (thread can be found at Steam RogSys discussions). Two of these items are:

    --Equipment bay access
    --Ability to unstow, carry, and replace parts to make repairs (initial functionality)

    The first step is to do the art for the equipment bay and get it in game. Obviously the next step then is to be able to work in there. So, my best answer to "when" is, "as soon as possible"--this is one feature I really want to get in SOON...
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    Thanks for letting me know, I will be very excited to play the game when this has been released, I can't wait.

    I know you gotta lot of stuff to work on but the game so far is amazing.


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