Yesterday I was trying the rescue mission, I tried a couple of times, but I'm so terrible atm that in the majority of those tries I ran out of time, and belive me, in one of those I run out of argon as well.

So I'm suggesting a set of missions to train this kind of rendezvous, it's nothing fancy, just a drone, or a station, or other ship in a stable orbit, but:

Mission 1 we will have this object rotating in one axis.
Mission 2, two axis rotation.
Mission 3... Great Scott! Three axis rotation.
Mission 4 something impossible

The mission goal is just stop the rotation(s). Maybe we could have steam achievements for that (but this isn't a must).

I know that help is coming (as new orientation tools are being implemented), but I think that in the future, core module missions may force us to deal with extreme situations like this (rescue something without orientations tools) and now in early access this could be good for training and content purposes.