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Thread: [VMS] - unique render layer for VMS symbology

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    [VMS] - unique render layer for VMS symbology

    I've a suggestion for the VMS. This is under the assumption that the following path is what's actually happening: Camera + Symbology -> Buffer -> Projection Texture

    It looks like the VMS symbology (nav symbols, trace brackets etc) are all rendered on top of the camera before being rendered to a texture target. This results in an appropriately blurred camera display, with in some cases illegible symbology. I suggest that these be separated out and drawn separately, the VMS as it's own texture alpha-blended with the camera one. This accomplishes a few things:

    1. Potentially simplifies various filtering or render mechanisms (eg, thermal) - you no longer have to figure out how to keep the VMS data legible during image processing
    2. Allows VMS more fault modes, such as absent camera feed (or distorted/malfunctioning) yet with VMS symbols intact. Supports the concept of "instrument flight."
    3. The big one: allows VMS symbols to be drawn at a much higher resolution than current with minimal performance impact. One could keep the 'camera' texture resolution low but still be able to read the symbols.

    I believe this is what's happening already with the orbital information display on the right - it appears overlaid on the VMS screen yet is obviously of a higher resolution than the rest of what goes on the VMS.

    Also, I personally feel that a lower camera resolution (like we have now) a feature. It's camera data displayed on a screen, and it feels that way now. It's believable, and I don't think it would feel quite as much so if the resolution was cranked up.
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    Correct, only the trace brackets still use the old system and still need to be updated. All the other symbology has been updated, and now renders AFTER the outside camera buffer.
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