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Thread: Using different sounds, help!!!

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    Question Using different sounds, help!!!

    I am trying to use a different sound in a bmw m3 e46. I have dragged the new sounds into the sound files. This made the car have no engine sounds at all. So then i deleted the .sfx, engine.ini, .hdv and put in the new ones that i downloaded with the sounds. Then the car wouldn't appear at all?!?!?

    i was thinking maybe to just put in the sounds and name each sound bmwm3? maybe that would work??

    Please help me!!!!!!!!!

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    The Soundfile-names and also the Sounds/[Folder]-names in which they are located, have to match the Entries in the sfx File of the Mod/Car.
    And use the original hdv, engine ....files, if you only want to use different sounds!!!

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